Message from the President IIW 2017-18

"Leave a Lasting Legacy" Dear IW friends, IW greetings to you all, at all levels of IW administration. We start the new IW year with new zeal, with new hopes new avenues of service & friendship and with a new look & new ideas. Ideas to change the way we serve to leave a lasting Legacy.

IW is member base organization at all levels and a service based organization with defined goals. We realize that the world understands what IW is and what do we do. Each one of us is not defined by who we are but by what we do. IW has been around for 93 years and is growing each year, so much so that this year the International IW celebrates its 50th year.

History of Inner Wheel District 308
By Founder President Mrs. Shail Dhingra

It was late Wednesday night in September 1974. I was waiting for my husband's return after the meeting of Board of Directors of the Dehradun Rotary Club. As he entered, to my surprise, he announced that the Rotary Club has decided to sponsor an Inner Wheel Club here. I remember way back in 1974, I was not very familiar with the Inner Wheel movement then.